Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Love Finds You in Bethlehem New Hampshire

Love finds You in Bethlehem, New Hampshire is a delightful Cinderella story of a girl who lived on the streets of New York depending on handouts and whatever she could find to exist each day and an artist in the town of Bethlehem. Tom Haskins has never lived anywhere else nor has he traveled far outside of town. His friends think he needs a wife so when he advertises for one and has a response, he’s delighted. However, when Sara McGee arrives, she is nothing like he envisioned, and he is sorely disappointed. Lauralee Bliss has woven a heart-warming story around these two young people along with wonderful secondary characters you will come to love. When Sara and Tom set out in search of love, extraordinary things can happen along the journey as they discover God’s purpose for their lives. Set in the mountains of New Hampshire, Bethlehem is a town where things aren’t always as they seem, and once again we learn how God sends certain people into our lives to work out His larger plan. Get ready to curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this odyssey of love and fulfillment.

The odds of winning this book depends entirely on the number of participants and is open only to residents of the U.S.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Menu For Love

Menu for Romance by Kaye Dacus is all about communication and letting your feelings be know. Mere has been in love with Major for a number of years and he with her, but neither will admit it to the other. His mother creates a problem for him that causes him to keep his distance for fear of rejection by Mere. She thinks he’s just not interested. Then enter Ward the contractor who will restore Mere’s recently purchased home and dates Mere several times. Kaye has created a great story around the cast of characters we first met in Stand-In Groom. One thing for sure, eat before you read or you’ll be running to the fridge or pantry for a snack with nearly every chapter. Kaye has a good handle on what it takes to be an event planner or a chef and weaves her plot around the events Mere plans and the sumptuous menus by Chef Major O’Hara. Another thing I liked…they are John Wayne fans and his movies play a key role in getting Mere Guidry and Major O’Hara together. How Kaye accomplishes this will bring a smile to your heart.