Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In her first novel, Diamond Duo, Marcia Gruver gives us a look at the historical town of Jefferson, Texas and it’s rather unusual citizens. When a beautiful young woman named Bessie steps off the train in this small town, Bertha Biddie decides then and there that the woman would be the perfect one to help Bertha charm Thaddeus Bloom into proposing. The friendship grows into a close relationship that Bertha’s friends don’t understand. Thaddeus is confused by Bertha’s behavior, and even though he wants to proclaim his love for her, Bessie’s needs keep getting in the way by calling Bertha away. A subplot along the way also make for interesting reading with Sarah and Henry, freed slaves who are trying to make a life in Jefferson. Marcia weaves all these lives together in an engaging story that will have you laughing and crying all the way through.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas

From the first moment that Lucy sets her cap to attract Justin Gerard, Sandra Bricker takes the reader on a merry chase that takes you to a camping spot in Snowball, Arkansas where Lucy and her friends encounter all sorts of adventures made more exciting by Lucy’s mishaps trying to fish, ride in a hot air balloon, explore a cavern and ride a snowmobile; all things she tried to do in order to attract Justin. From bug bites to a sprained ankle, Lucy endures it all for love, but is it the wrong love? Is what she truly wants right under her nose?

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Michelle Sutton's its NOT about ME

In her debut novel, it’s NOT about ME, Michelle Sutton takes us on a ride with our emotions. From the moment we read about Annie’s ordeal to when she makes her final choice, the reader will cry for her, want to spank her for her indecision, want to hug her and take away her pain, and then celebrate the changed lives of Annie and of those around her. From Annie we learn that beauty is from the soul and not in appearances. We learn the miracle of how God takes the most tragic circumstances and turns them for good. But most of all, we learn the power of healing that comes with complete forgiveness. This is a book you will not want to miss because it deals with real life and choices young people are making every day.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Review for Shadow of Danger

From the moment Mrs. King awakens Rachel Ringhold and urges her to leave the orphanage immediately until the end of the book, Jeanne Marie takes her readers on a journey of uncertainties, frustration, and danger. Rachel sets out with very little to sustain her on her trek to seek out her best friend, Seb Jameson who now lives in Leadville, Colorado. Upon her arrival, she discovers he’s engaged to another woman who isn’t at all happy to see Rachel. Despite the hardships, Rachel loves her new life and is blissfully unaware of Seb and Myra’s troubles. As she grows closer to the Lord, the more Seb sees what he may be missing. When danger finally catches up to her, Rachel’s faith is tested, and Seb has to make a choice, but it may cost him his life.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Review for At His Command

Brenda Coulter has given us a wonderful love story of two people who are considered heroes in the eyes of others, but both have doubts about that. Jake Hopkins decides he has an allergy to Maddie Bright because every time he’s around her, he suffers the same symptoms that arise when he eats peanuts. Besides, she’s younger than he is and the sister of a friend for whose death he feels guilty. None of that matters to Maddie as she works to conquer his heart. She’s an army nurse and the darling of Prairie Springs, Texas. He’s an older pilot and won’t allow Maddie to get near enough to shoot down his heart. How these two opposites resolve their differences makes for a delightful read to show that when God is in a plan, man must step back and let Him work. This is a great read.

At His Command

Interview with Brenda Coulter

1. Where did you get the idea for your story?My editor asked me to write Book 3 of the six-book, multi-author "Homecoming Heroes" series. She gave me the names and ages of the hero and heroine, their current occupations, and said she wanted a story about a jaded older man who finds himself charmed by a younger woman.

2. How did it become a part of the Homecoming Heroes series?(See above.)

3. What gave you the idea for the plot?I really couldn't say. I fiddled with and discarded several ideas before it started coming together. That's how it always works for me.

4. What inspired the title for you story?It was assigned by my editor. I have to say I had a problem with it at first, because "At His Command" suggests the hero is a military officer--and when the book opened, my hero had already left the army and become a civilian attorney. But then it occurred to me that "At His Command" could be a reference to the fact that by the end of the story, both the hero and heroine have decided to serve God fully. So that worked out great.

5. What was the most difficult thing about writing Jake and Maddie’s story?I really don't think in terms of "easy" parts and "hard" parts when I'm writing. It's all a wonderful challenge!

6. How much research did you have to do?Quite a bit. But it was all fascinating, especially what I learned about Apache helicopters.

7. What advice would you give to those desiring to write romance?Read romance every day. Pay special attention to how the author is whipping up your emotions and try to figure out what techniques she's using to accomplish that. Romance is all about emotion!

8. What was your favorite thing about writing At His Command?As always, I loved writing the "guy" scenes, especially the ones where you see Jake's befuddlement over his developing love for Maddie.

9. How long have you been writing? How many other books have you written? How many published? I began writing in December 2000. Not counting my work-in-progress, I have completed seven romance novels and sold four of them.

10. Any words of wisdom for new writers?Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun!

Thanks Brenda, this is a great book and hope many go out and buy it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interview with S. Dionne Moore

1. Where did you get the idea for your main character LaTisha Barnhart?
I had an agent tell me she loved my spunky, mature women characters. I decided to base a story around such a character and since Barbour was starting a new mystery line and I just happen to love mysteries, I gave it a shot. LaTisha’s height is based on one of my close friends, with Hardy’s based on her husband—they make quite the couple, just like Hardy and LaTisha.

2. What gave you the idea for the plot?
I love history. Old ghost towns and treasure hunts. . .pirates and cops and robbers. . .well, my imagination got so stirred up I decided to use a modern town whose businesses occupied old buildings. Then I spiked that with the town legend of the assayer stealing gold from Maple Gap citizens and getting shot for his deed.

3. Who chose the clever title?
Originally, LaTisha’s story was called Get Off My Bunions, but when it became a mystery, my editor and I decided Murder on the Ol’ Bunions would be a better fit.

4. What was the most difficult thing about writing this story?
Ugh, making sure all the clues tied in and that no thread of the plot had been dropped. Writing a mystery is TIGHT writing.

5. What was the most fun?
I love doing the scenes between Hardy and LaTisha. They are so much fun and so real to me. Hardy is LaTisha’s conscience when she gets carried away, and his softness plays well against her tough gal demeanor. Of course, LaTisha is really a teddy bear inside too.

6. What advice would you give to those desiring to write mystery?
Start with something else. Writing a mystery is much more difficult than writing a romance where there are only two main characters. Mysteries involve so many clues and red herrings, twists and turns. . .it’s pure craziness trying to keep everything straight.

7. What is your favorite thing about writing?
Doing the writing is my favorite part. I hate editing. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Once I’ve finished a story, I want to take a break from it. A LONG break, but I seldom get that opportunity since content edits and line edits are a reality of signing a contract.
8. Any words of wisdom for new writers?
Try your hand at writing in a completely different genre than you imagined. So many get stuck writing in one genre that they never stretch themselves. I wrote historicals for years. Murder on the Ol’ Bunions was my first try at a mystery. Can you believe that? If I hadn’t taken the plunge I would have never known I could do it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Murder on the Old Bunions

What a fun read. LaTisha Barnhart discovers the body of book shop owner, Marion Peters behind a counter and in a pool of blood. Thus begins the merry adventures of LaTisha and her husband, Hardy. This empty-nest mother of seven is taking a course in Forensic Medicine and decides to do a little investigating into the murder on her own, especially when she becomes a suspect. You’ll laugh at the way she manages to get information from officials on the case until she finds herself smack dab in the middle as part of the investigation team. Your mouth will water at all the foods LaTisha cooks in order to think and get things straight in her mind. You’ll thoroughly enjoy all the twists and turns that get you to the end, and “who dunnit”. You don't want to miss this cozy mystery.

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This week I'm offering a free copy of the novella, Sugar and Grits. It contains 4 stories by DiAnne Mills, Janice Thompson, Kathleen Y'Barbo and myself. The stories revolve around four women who are good friends in the finest of southern traditions. Set in Calista, Mississippi, you'll find laughter, tears, and fun in all the stories. DiAnne's story Mississippi Mud is also a finalist for BOTY for ACFW. So leave a comment and earn a chance to learn more about Berta, Dottie Jean, Sassy, and Sue Ellen.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Promises, Promises

In her first book, Promises, Promises, Amber Miller has shown us what it means to keep one’s word despite the difficulties that may be faced in doing so. Raelene Strattford has faith in God’s promise never to leave her or forsake her, but with both parents dead, she finds believing it almost impossible. Why would God forsake her at such a time? Gustaf Hannssen believes in keeping the promise he made to Raelene’s dying father, but finds keeping that promise difficult when the young lady scorns his attempts and places obstacles in his way that try his patience.
The harder he tries to keep his promise to find her a husband and oversee her affairs, the more difficult it becomes, especially as he finds himself drawn to her in ways he hadn’t planned. Gustaf’s attempt to break through Raelene’s self-centered existence to her wounded heart makes a beautiful tale of perseverance in love and keeping one’s promise.

Be sure to look for Amber's second book in this series:
Quills & Promises
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
Release date: July 2008 through Heartsong Presents
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Delaware Brides, book 2
ISBN: 9781602600492
Ordering link:

Scroll on down for the interview with Amber "Tiff" Miller.

Interview with Amber "Tiff" Miller

Today, I'm pleased to host Amber "Tiff" Miller as my guest.

1. How long have you been writing?
My journey began many years ago. I wrote my first short story in 5th grade with several accolades from both my teacher and my fellow students. It was even entered into a ‘Young Writers of America’ contest and placed but didn’t get selected for publication. Ever since I learned to read at age 3-1/2, I’ve been telling stories, and I could often easily keep a captive audience. Writing seemed to be a natural progression from the verbal.

I wrote often, but it wasn’t until I was a Senior in high school that I got the ‘bug’ to write. My English teacher saw potential, and as an author herself, she encouraged me to pursue the talent further. However, I became more focused on finishing my education and getting my degree, so my writing took up residence on the back burner. It wasn’t until 1997 when I wrote my first fan fiction and received a lot of encouragement and feedback that I realized I might be able to make something of this ability.

2. How long have you been working toward publication?
In 2002, and after encouragement from Tracie Peterson (one of my favorite authors), I took the step professionally to begin a career by joining a national organization called ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), then known as ACRW (American Christian Romance Writers). I did everything I could to improve my skills and develop my craft. I bought writing books, studied a wide variety of fiction, conversed with other writers and authors, attended conferences, purchased audio recordings of workshops and presentations, and soaked up as much information as I could handle. Four years later, I sold my first book and took a rather scary step into the world of authorship.

3. How did your story come about?
The ‘what if’ moment came when I tried to develop the story line for the first book. Without a lot of background, I had to rely on the elements I had learned would make a good story. Some excellent advice given to me included the method of taking your character to a point that seems hopeless…and making it worse. So, I asked, “What if a heroine with no siblings also loses her parents, then finds herself as the sole owner of land in a new world where women have no voice, feeling as if God has forsaken her?”

And thus, Promises, Promises was born!

4. Can you tell us a little about this story?

It is the first in a 3-book series that will be repackaged in 2009 as “Delaware Brides.” These books are part of Heartsong Presents’ State Series, and I am covering the historical beginnings of the little, but significant state of Delaware during the Colonial period.

Here is a synopsis: Has God forsaken Raelene? Raelene Strattford knows God has promised never to leave or forsake her. But after the catastrophic deaths of her parents, she doesn’t believe it. What kind of God would take a girl’s family and leave her alone in a wild land where women have no voice? Gustaf Hanssen has admired Raelene from afar for a while, but his poor attempt at courting her in the past has made him unwelcome in her life. When Gustaf promises Raelene’s dying father that he will take care of her, he finds himself bound to her happiness, her success, and her well-being in ways he never imagined. To keep his word, must Gustaf really oversee all of Raelene’s affairs, find her a husband, and maintain her farm, while she does nothing but scorn him? Can God reach through Raelene’s pain and self-centeredness and give her the love that awaits, if only she will accept His will?

5. What other books have you written, whether published or not?

My second book, Quills & Promises, just released this month as well. Book 3 will come out in December, and I’m putting the finishing touches on my 4th book due tomorrow. That will release next year in April or May, I believe. I have 2 others in that series yet to write. I’ve also written 2 other full-length historicals and 2 contemporaries. But, I have yet to see them contracted. I’m working on them, though.

6. What is the hardest thing about writing a novel?

The synopsis! LOL! I am not a plotter by any stretch of the imagination. I start with a concept and 1 or 2 characters and let the story flow from there. Having to write out the details of what’s going to happen and explain the spiritual thread is sheer agony for me. I don’t set out with a theme in mind. It develops as the characters grow. Outside of that, writing a novel is an exciting adventure for me. I never know what’s going to happen or where my characters will take me. I’m just along for the ride. I guess if I had to pinpoint one thing, though, it would be coming to the end and having to say goodbye to my characters. That’s not easy at all.

7. How do you choose your characters’ names and their backgrounds?

I have two books that provide both the origin of the name and nationality as well as the Biblical meaning behind it. When I select my names, I usually run through a few in my mind, then I go to the books to look up their meanings. If I have to decide between more than one name for a character, it all comes down to the meaning. I select the one where the meaning matches the personality and the motivation of the character.

You should have seen the looks and heard the questions that occurred when I bought this book. It’s usually reserved for parents looking to name their babies. And I wasn’t married at the time. Of course, even when I explained the purpose I had in mind, the odd looks remained. People just don’t understand writers.

Anyway, as I researched the ancestry of the hero and heroine of Promises, Promises, I realized Gustaf was Swedish and Raelene had a Swedish mother. Gustaf means “God’s staff” and “blessed.” He became that staff for Raelene, something she could lean on when she couldn’t stand on her own. Raelene means “lovely” and “compassionate.” Although we see her at the start allowing her pain to make her bitter and unattractive, she possessed an inner loveliness and compassion that showed in her dealings with people once she let that part of her escape.

8. What did you want the reader to take away from your story?

The primary theme is that no matter how bleak the circumstances, God will never abandon or forsake you. Even when life throws all sorts of road blocks your way and it seems like you have nothing left, there will always be hope just down the road. You have to keep looking forward and maintain your faith.
A sub-theme of that is asking the question, where is God when I’m hurting? I hope this book shows readers that He’s right there all along.

9. Why are you a member of American Christian Fiction Writers?

I would not be where I am in my writing career if it weren’t for ACFW. I thank Tracie Peterson all the time for introducing me to the group and encouraging me to join. The fellowship, training, instruction, networking and information you glean from ACFW is beyond compare. No other group that I’ve found equals it. And with its almost daily growth, I know we’re in store for some great things in the near future. Christian fiction is exploding on the market, and ACFW is right at the tip of missile.

10. Will you be at the conference in Minneapolis in September?

God-willing. I know I want to be more than anything. It will be my first opportunity to actually participate IN the book signing and not coordinate it. LOL! And to sign with 100 other ACFW authors and friends in the rotunda at the Mall of America? Who would want to pass that up? So, I’m still praying for the funds that will get both me and my husband, Stuart, there. We’ll see what God has in store.

11. What is the best piece of advice you received as an author?

Linda Windsor’s advice that, “Rejections are footprints in the sands of your career. If you’re not getting them, you’re not moving,” stands out foremost in my mind.

The other is, “You have to read in order to write. Immerse yourself in a wide variety of writing styles, find your own voice and stick to it. Then, write, write, write.” However, I don’t know who it was that said that. Somehow, I managed to save it without jotting down the originator.

12. Any other tidbits of information that would be of interest to our readers?

This book is the first in a 3-book series. The second released this month and the third will be out in December. All of them follow three generations of the same family through the Colonial period and early days of the United States. The first takes place during the Great Awakening and features an appearance by Jonathan Edwards. The second is during the French & Indian War and the third is during the Revolutionary. In the two sequels, you meet a subsequent daughter of the parents from the book before.

In addition, the family and the house referenced in these books is an actual house about 2 miles away from my parents’ house, where I used to live. It was established in 1740 and is still standing today. It’s in great shape and has been meticulously cared for and restored. I spent over a year researching the history of the area, the people, the events and the culture.

The only thing most people know today about Delaware is the city of Wilmington and knowing that the banks holding their credit cards are incorporated there. But there is so much more about that little state, including its significance in the establishment of this great country. I wanted to bring that out more through these books. I hope I’ve succeeded.

*** Thank you, Martha, for hosting me here on your blog today. I look forward to reading your review and appreciate the time you spent putting together these great questions. It’s an honor to have you along on this tour.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures and Fun

Here are more pictures from last year:Top left: Janetta Messmer, Linda Kozar, Marcia McGruver, Janice Thompson and Marian Merrit.
Top Right: Tif and Carrie
Bottom Left: Martha and VIckie McDonough
Bottom Right: Brandilyn and Mama Ruth

ACFW The Best Conference of All

The ACFW conference is one of the best if not the best conference for fiction writers of all genres. You have good fun, good fellowship and good food. It is a time of renewing old friendships and making new.

One of the most difficult things for me this summer is to realize I won’t make the conference this year…the first one I’ve missed since joining ACFW way back in its beginning. I’m still praying for a miracle because I hate having to wait another year to see so many of the writing friends made over the years.

Here’s my list of things that make the conference the most fun ever and the best one you’ll ever attend.
1. Late night chats with old friends and new
2. Matching faces with names from the loop
3. Chocolate Party
4. Wonderful Awards Dinner
5. Meeting Editors and Agents in the hall, at mealtimes, by appointment
6. Learning so much about the craft of writing
7. Book signing…this year at the Mall of the Americas…wow…fantastic
8. Mingling with authors like Deb Raney, Brandilyn Collins, Colleen Coble, Gayle Roper, Kim Sawyer, Susan May Warren, and so many others.

Of course the list could go on and on. If this is your first conference, hop on over to the Forums on our website and you’ll find topics and friends willing to tell you everything you need to know.

Check out my blog from last year for the memories I have from all the other conferences. Here are more pictures taken last year. I will be there in spirit if not in body, and I’ll be praying for all of you everyday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love on the race-track

Camara Cole is one of the feistiest heroines you will ever meet. Having had to fight for her right to be a mechanic and mud-racer in a world dominated by men, Camara sets out to prove that gender has nothing to do with talent and ability. When Chase Lamar becomes her closest competitor, he also becomes her closest friend and ally, but Camara doesn’t want to see it that way because of his past behavior and attitude towards her. The Bride Wore Coveralls is a fun, easy read that introduces the reader to the world of mud-racing. Camara and Chase are the best at what they do, but when problems with Camara’s truck keep occurring just before big races Camara realizes someone doesn’t want her to be the winner. Not until a near tragic accident injures Camara does the truth become clear. Only then will Camara learn to open her heart and trust others.

Unusual Mother/Daughter Story

Imagine having a daughter then losing her to a genetic disease as a teenager then discovering the girl wasn’t your daughter after all due to a mix-up and switching at birth. This is the dilemma facing Marty Winslow as she learns more about the mix-up and where her biological daughter is.
When Marty gains custody, Andie is forced to leave the grandparents she loves to live with strangers who are her mother, two sisters, and a grandfather. This is the story of that new relationship and how it grows and evolves into a family. The Winslows own a drive-in theater, the Blue Moon, and Tuesday night is family night. By being involved at the drive-in concession stand on these and other nights, Andi begins to learn more about herself and the new family she has. Written from the viewpoints of both Marty and Andie, the reader will feel their pain, cry at the unfairness of life, laugh at their mishaps and rejoice in victory. A truly different kind of love story that will satisfy your heart.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Mystery

Cara Putnam has written an intriguing mystery in Deadly Exposure. When a young woman is murdered right under her nose at a theater, Dani has no choice but to follow the clues and figure out what happened. What she doesn’t bargain for is her former boyfriend to be the lead detective on the case or to become the object of the murderer who wants her off the case. Dani follows many leads down the trails that eventually lead to the killer. In the process Dani finds herself not only guarding her heart against Caleb Jamison, but her life against the person who wants her dead. A great mystery as well as a charming love story.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dodson's story of intrique

As a former FBI agent, Brandt Dodson knows the ins and outs of working all sorts of cases and White Soul is one that will keep you guessing until the very end. As Agent Ortega goes undercover to learn who is taking over the drug trafficking in Miami, he learns that nothing is sacred and there truly is no honor among thieves and those who break the law. The closer he gets to the leader, the closer he comes to being discovered and losing his life. The final showdown takes an unexpected twist proves once again that all is not as it seems. This is a true tale of suspense, intrigue, mystery, and takes the reader on a wild ride into the underworld of crime that will leave the reader breathless.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another winner for Kim Sawyer

Kim Sawyer has done it again. My Heart Remembers is a touching story of a young woman’s search for her siblings after they were separated for adoption. Maelle, Mattie, and Molly are three young ones you won’t soon forget. Soon after their parents’ deaths in a fire, Maelle finds herself taking care of her younger brother and sister. Problem is, with her cut short and wearing only a nightshirt, the authorities mistake her for a boy and call her Michael. When they are loaded onto an orphan train, Maelle believes they are going to be adopted by a family. When that doesn’t happen, Maelle manages to give each sibling a token from their real parents. Molly receives the family Bible, and Mattie is given the last picture taken of them as a family. Maelle keeps the letters her father wrote to her mother as a reminder of their love. The story jumps ahead and we see each one grown up and learn what has happened in their lives. Some of it isn’t good at all. We find an amazing tale of love and perseverance. They are so near, yet so far from each other. But we see how God takes the worst of circumstances and turns them into something wonderful. This is a must read for fans of Kim.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

If you enjoyed Remember to Forget, you won't want to miss Deb Raney's newest book, Leaving November. However it is a stand alone book and you don't have to read the first to truly enjoy the second. The town of Clayburn is again the setting for a wonderful story of forgiveness and renewal as Vienne Kenney deals with the past history of her father and learns the true meaning of love. Jackson Linder is learning to cope in the present by putting his complete trust in God and it takes every bit of that trust to overcome the attitudes of the citizens of Clayburn who are slow in accepting the new Jack. Deb weaves a love story that is filled with surprises and delights as hearts and attitudes are changed through God's unfailing love and His promise to give us the desires of our heart when we are obedient and trust Him. Deb never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful way she has of making her characters come alive in her stories. You want to know more about them and how their lives play out in the future. Don't miss this one.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blessings by Kim Sawyer

In the third book of her Sommerfield Trilogy, Blessings, Kim Sawyer again draws us into the life and times of the people in this town. Trina has a dream of being a veterinarian, but it goes against everything her family and the Mennonite culture believes. Still, she plans toward fulfilling her goal. Every where she turns, obstacles block her path, but her love for Graham Ortmann gives her hope. Even though he doesn’t at first approve of her ambitions, his love causes him to support her dreams. When all odds seem against her going to college, Trina finds help from her friend Beth. As people and events around Trina grow and change, Trina begins to believe her dream may come true. Her faith is tested through many trials and objections, but it takes a near tragedy for her heart to know the truth and what to do about the future. A great story of love and friendships, Blessings will bless your heart with its gentle story of hope.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Every Good and Perfect Gift

In her first novel, Sharon K. Souza gives us a wonderful story of a friendship that stands the test of time. In Every Good and Perfect Gift, Gabby stands beside her friend Dee and supports Dee’s decision to have a baby. Although she’s fast approaching the end of her child bearing years, and she and Gabby made a pact to have no children, Dee wants a child. Written in first person, the story is told by Gabby and takes the reader on a journey that won’t be forgotten soon. As the two women experience the ups and downs of trying to have a baby, their friendship is tested to the limit. When Gabby is willing to make a sacrifice for her friend, the miracle happens and Dee is pregnant, but that only increases the problems Dee still has to face. Sharon has created characters who are full of life, and will keep you reading as they go through one of life’s toughest challenges.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Review of Beloved Castaway

In Beloved Castaway, Kathleen Y’Barbo has created a story set in the early days of New Orleans that will grip your interest from the very first moment Josiah Carter and Isabelle Gayarre meet. Sparks literally fly as the boat on which they are to sail is threatened by fire in the harbor. Once the ship is at sea, Isabelle assists in the care of those injured in the fire. Adventures greet the reader as Kathleen weaves a tale of two young women and the man who is destined to change their lives. From a threat by fire to a ship wreck in waters off Florida, unforgettable characters work their way into the reader’s heart and soul. Josiah and Isabelle are the most unlikely couple, but with God’s guidance they find a way to survive and admit their love with a few surprises along the way. You don’t want to miss this one.