Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today my husband and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. Maybe that's one reason fall is my favorite time of the year. Last year we celebrated in New England. Rex doesn't like seafood, but he took me to Babin's because he knows how I love shrimp. Afterwards he even went shopping with me, an activity he dislikes immensely. Now that's what I call love. Funny thing is we only knew each other seven months before our wedding and had a total of five dates before our engagement. He was in Houston on leave from the army for five days when he asked me to marry him in 1959. Wonder if that would work in a novel? He left that Friday and I didn't see him again until the week before the wedding when we he was discharged and we went to Arkansas for me to meet his parents. No honeymoon because he'd just returned to his job and had no time off. Not a courtship I'd recommend, but both of us sought God's will for our lives and He put us together. Our three sons and daughters-in-law have blessed us with nine grandchildren, the oldest of whom will be married next June to her high school sweetheart when they both graduate from Texas A&M.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Angel Bears

Some of you expressed interest in the "Angel Bears" I had at the conference in the bookstore. I have them available if you'd like one, and will mail them to you. I have two Christmas ones, three lace ones, and one dressed in checked gingham fabric. They are $25 each for the lace ones and $20 for the others plus postage.

I started making these bears years ago when I made one for my granddaughter who was taking ballet. Then I made a few for a craft show at church and ended up with more orders than I had bears on hand. Each Christmas until two years ago, I made them and sold them at craft shows. I have well made over a hundred of them, but now do only special orders or for events like our conference. Each bear seems to take on her own personality and each one is named and has a card attached with her name and a Scripture verse or a short message on it.

If you're interested, email me and I'll get more info to you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Book Review of Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins

Brandilyn Collins has done it again. Violet Dawn begins with a gruesome discovery of the body of famous movie actress, Edna San then takes off to give the reader another breathless ride. The difference with this book is in the characters created for the town of Kanner Lake. Quirky, lovable, sympathetic, and somewhat eclectic, the townspeople are richly drawn against the tapestry of the beauty of Idaho. The reader will suffer with Paige as she tries to fit in with the others in town, but finds herself the victim in an elaborate scheme to frame her for murder. No one is free from suspicion and help comes from the least likely direction. The care and concern of these likable characters contrasts sharply with the scenes from Paige’s past. In this first novel in the Kanner Lake series, Brandilyn has all the suspense of her usual thrillers combined with the small town feel and unforgettable characters of her earliest novels. A must read for fans of Brandilyn Collins.

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