Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bygones by Kim Sawyer

In her first book in the Summerfield Trilogy, Bygones, Kim gives us a powerful story of faith, family, and love. She introduces us to the Mennonite community from which Marie ran away over twenty years before with her non-Mennonite husband, Jep. When Henry Braun, her first love, appears after all those years and tells her of the death of her beloved Aunt Lisbeth, Marie learns that her daughter Beth is the sole beneficiary of her aunt’s will. Now Marie must return to the community with Beth, live there for three months, and run the cafĂ© owned by Lisbeth before Beth can claim her inheritance. As Marie reconnects not only with the community and Henry, she examines her life and tries to restore a relationship with her family. When thefts occur in the community, the first suspects are Marie and Beth. As Marie unravels the mystery, her family and friends are divided in their beliefs about who is behind the crimes. In Bygones Kim has created wonderful characters who grip your heart and keep you turning the page to see how the problems are resolved. It’s a compelling story of one woman’s journey into the past to rediscover her future.

Gone With the Groom

Sasha and Annie Peterson are off again in another quest for truth. Janice Thompson has again given us a delightful tale as Annie seeks the real reason behind the disappearance of her future son-in-law only a few weeks before the big day. Using all the skills learned in her internet detective course, Annie sets out to find the young man. No way will she believe he simply left her beautiful daughter. When all of his and her family descend on the Peterson home a few days before the wedding, they all have their own ideas about the disappearance. Annie has a list of suspects that range from someone out for revenge against the groom’s politician mother to his long lost father to his friends playing a prank. Even his boss and the company he works for come under suspicion before it’s all over. Annie has her work cut out for her, but she rises to the task with her ever faithful dog, Sasha, and saves the day as well as the wedding. Get on board for a fun ride and see if you can unravel the clues Annie finds.