Friday, September 05, 2008

Review for Shadow of Danger

From the moment Mrs. King awakens Rachel Ringhold and urges her to leave the orphanage immediately until the end of the book, Jeanne Marie takes her readers on a journey of uncertainties, frustration, and danger. Rachel sets out with very little to sustain her on her trek to seek out her best friend, Seb Jameson who now lives in Leadville, Colorado. Upon her arrival, she discovers he’s engaged to another woman who isn’t at all happy to see Rachel. Despite the hardships, Rachel loves her new life and is blissfully unaware of Seb and Myra’s troubles. As she grows closer to the Lord, the more Seb sees what he may be missing. When danger finally catches up to her, Rachel’s faith is tested, and Seb has to make a choice, but it may cost him his life.