Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rose McCauley and Martha at the booksigning

Tiff and Carrie at Barbour Dinner

Kim's acceptance

More on Dallas

Barbour's two newest authors: Marcia Gruver and Sharon Hickey

Martha with her agent Tamela Hancock Murray

Wendy Lawton: Agent of the Year

Kim Sawyer

BOTY award.

Linda Kozar: Mentor of the Year

Mama Ruth and Brandilyn: Two of the classiest ladies at the conference.

When the Nile Runs Red

When DiAnn Mills writes a novel, you can truly expect an adventure. When the Nile Runs Red is no exception. From the first few paragraphs to the very end, the reader will again be caught up in the lives of Larson and Paul Farid and Ben Alier. Their struggles to help the Sudanese people in the midst of danger increase as tensions rise between the warring factions of the north and south. Add to that the hatred of Paul’s family against Larson, and you have the plot of a riveting story that will keep you reading to the end to see how they bridge the gaps that seem to grow wider with every page. Another great novel from a master storyteller.

For a free copy of this book, leave a comment and your name will go into a drawing for an autogaphed copy of this book.

Crimson Eve

I just read Crimson Eve, and it's another winner.
Fasten your seat belts for another great ride with Brandilyn Collins in Crimson Eve. From the first moment when Carla Radling realizes her life is in danger from the secrets of her past to the moment of conclusion, you are caught up in the intricacies only Brandilyn can devise. With Carla on the run, her friends in Kanner Lake seek to find her and help her escape whatever it is that is driving her away from them. The closer you think you are to the truth, the more twists are thrown in to drive you off track. How it all comes together makes for a truly satisfying ending, but do expect a few dead bodies along the way. Fast paced action and characters give this novel all the ingredients for a wild, but satisfying journey back to Kanner Lake.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bygones by Kim Sawyer

In her first book in the Summerfield Trilogy, Bygones, Kim gives us a powerful story of faith, family, and love. She introduces us to the Mennonite community from which Marie ran away over twenty years before with her non-Mennonite husband, Jep. When Henry Braun, her first love, appears after all those years and tells her of the death of her beloved Aunt Lisbeth, Marie learns that her daughter Beth is the sole beneficiary of her aunt’s will. Now Marie must return to the community with Beth, live there for three months, and run the cafĂ© owned by Lisbeth before Beth can claim her inheritance. As Marie reconnects not only with the community and Henry, she examines her life and tries to restore a relationship with her family. When thefts occur in the community, the first suspects are Marie and Beth. As Marie unravels the mystery, her family and friends are divided in their beliefs about who is behind the crimes. In Bygones Kim has created wonderful characters who grip your heart and keep you turning the page to see how the problems are resolved. It’s a compelling story of one woman’s journey into the past to rediscover her future.

Gone With the Groom

Sasha and Annie Peterson are off again in another quest for truth. Janice Thompson has again given us a delightful tale as Annie seeks the real reason behind the disappearance of her future son-in-law only a few weeks before the big day. Using all the skills learned in her internet detective course, Annie sets out to find the young man. No way will she believe he simply left her beautiful daughter. When all of his and her family descend on the Peterson home a few days before the wedding, they all have their own ideas about the disappearance. Annie has a list of suspects that range from someone out for revenge against the groom’s politician mother to his long lost father to his friends playing a prank. Even his boss and the company he works for come under suspicion before it’s all over. Annie has her work cut out for her, but she rises to the task with her ever faithful dog, Sasha, and saves the day as well as the wedding. Get on board for a fun ride and see if you can unravel the clues Annie finds.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

ACFW Conference

I've attended every conference since the first one DiAnn Mills held in Houston. Very small, but we learned so much. I'm listing the top ten reasons for attending this year if at all possible and then a few memories from each year.

#10 Stay up late talking with your roommate
9 To enjoy the fellowship with fellow writers who really understand.
8 A chance to meet so many new people and make new friends (Volunteer and you'll meet more
7 Have a manuscript critiqued by a well-established writer or editor
6 Late night chats
5 Fantastic workshops
4 To meet with editors and agents
3 Great times of worship and being close to the Lord and listening to His voice
2 To hear the great keynote speaker James Scott Bell
1 To learn more about the craft of writing.

Oh, and did I mention the Chocolate parties? If you're a chocolate lover, keep an eye on the forum for more information.

Kansas City: Karen Kingsbury made me want to write, write, write. She truly inspired me and touched my life when she prayed with me for Robert Mikell and his CF. I met Tamela Hancock Murray and she later became my agent. Met so many wonderful people and almost fell on the floor laughing at Linda Windsor. No wonder her books are so full of humor. Had my first editor appointment with Jim Peterson and almost cratered from nervousness until he put me at ease.
The green sequined dress.

Houston: Having many of the early arrivals at my house for dinner on Wednesday night. Listening to Robin Lee and wanting to be closer to God in my writing. Seeing the friends from the previous year. Patti Hall praying with me. Missing most of the workshops as I tried to make sure everything ran smoothly in each one. The wonderful "competition" between Deb Raney and Brandilyn Collins. Anita Higman's infamous hog calling. My fantastic roommate, DiAnn Mills.

Denver: Francine Rivers. . .oh my. Working in the bookstore for the first time. Having fun with all the old friends and making brand new ones. Getting a critique from Colleen Coble and hanging on her every word. (I'm still working on that ms) Being encouraged by Tracie Peterson.
The fun and games late night chat with Anne Goldsmith. The chocolate party, my first one.

Nashville: Karen Ball and the "it's a castle" expression with the goldfish story. Rooming with Janice and nursing her through her ailing health. Great workshops. The chocolate party. Late night in the bookstore, closing it up and eating pizza at midnight.

Dallas: Driving up with Kathleen, Janice and Linda. Attending my first Barbour Arthurs dinner. Laughing with Liz Curtis Higgs. Having a "ta-da" moment and loving it. The classy awards dinner and hearing names of friends called as winners, especially Marian Merritt and the Genesis Award. Rooming with Janice again.

I attended several years on a scholarship and bless ACFW for offering them. This year I was able to help a friend with her tuition costs and knowing she'll be there is icing on the cake for me.
Some of you won't be able to come because of finances, distance, or other obstacles. Know that we care about you and will pray for you even as you pray for those of us who will be in Dallas.

Can't wait to see you there.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Texas Christian Writers Conference Information

Don't forget the Texas Christian Writers Conference on August 4, 2007. We have a full faculty with Sally Stuart, Terry Whalin, Kathy Ide, Lena Nelson Dooley, Anita Higman, Janice Thompson, and Kathleen Y'Barbo. DiAnn Mills will be our keynote speaker. You can contact me and I will send a complete registration form and brochure.

The cost is $65 for non-member of Inspriational Writers Alive!, $60 for age 60+ and $90 per couple. After July 15, add $10 to tuition. Tuition includes Continental Breakfast on Saturday morning, lunch, all snacks, and an opportunity to sign up for a 15 minute conference with a faculty member. We will have book tables where you can purchase books by our faculty and other authors. Hope to see you there.

Friday, June 29, 2007

At Last

At last I'm able to get back on my blog! Had a few problems but they're worked out now. I've read some of the best books in recent days not only for BOTY but also books sent to me by my author friends. In addition, my own novella is now on the bookshelves. I hope some of you will be reading it and reviewing it for us. It was a fun book to write.

If you'd like a free copy of Sugar and Grits, please send me a comment and let me know why you'd like to read it. I will draw a name July 15 and send the lucky winner a copy. If you've already read it, let me know how you liked it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A new adventure from DiAnn Mills

With Lightning and Lace, DiAnn Mills concludes her Texas Legacy series. She finds yet another adventure with the Andrews family in Kahlerville as widowed Bonnie Kahler tries to regroup and get her children under control. When Travis Whitworth, the new preacher, arrives on the scene with a few secrets of his own. When he offers to help with Zack, Bonnie's troubled son, Bonnie realizes the opportunity God is giving her to start over again. However, the pompous banker, Lester Hillman, wants Bonnie's affections for himself. Under the guise of religious zeal, he manages to weave tales of evil around Travis and Bonnie. Mills' unique characters will keep the reader turning the pages to the end and will live in the heart long after the last page is read and love triumphs over evil.

Post a comment and let me know why you would like a copy of this book. I'll draw for a winner March 31. Be sure I have your email address.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Texas Christian Writer's Conference

I am in the process of creating the 2007 brochure for the Texas Christian Writer's Conference. It will be on August 4, 2007 at Houston's First Baptist Church. Our faculty this year will be DiAnn Mills as keynote speaker, Sally Stuart, Kathy Ide, Lena Nelson Dooley, and Terry Whalin. In addition, Janice Thompson, Kathleen Y'Barbo, and Anita Higman will be presenting workshops and critiquing manuscripts. The cost is $80 for non IWA! members. IWA! is a writing organization for Christian writers who want to learn more about the craft of writing and have fellowship with other writers once a month. To learn more about IWA! or the conference, drop me an email.