Friday, April 04, 2014

Marriage Takes Three

Interview with Darla Connor

Today we have the honor of talking with Darla, the heroine and wife of the novel Marriage Takes Three
Welcome, Darla.
1.  How would you describe yourself to others?
Emotionally, I’d describe myself as troubled, but I do a fair job of concealing it from those I love. Physically, I imagine others see me as the stereotypical “beautiful blonde,” who must have it all together. Ha!

2.  How did you and the hero meet?
My husband and I met seventeen years ago, in a department store. I worked as a sales clerk, so I volunteered an opinion on a dress shirt he was eyeing. I suggested he choose a color that complimented his dark hair and eyes, and I’ve been helping him ever since.

3.  What was your first impression of him?
He seemed lost, like a little boy without his mommy. That might sound odd, but we were both in our early twenties when we met, and my parents had been killed when I was a teenager, so that perception tugged on my heart

4.  How do you want him to see you?
 I’d like my husband to see me in love with him just like the day I said “I do.” Lately, everything I have done seems like a contradiction.

5. Were you planning on romance entering your life? That’s a difficult question to answer because I met my future husband on the heels of a breakup. So, I’d have to say no, I didn’t see romance in my immediate future.

6.  What things are of most importance to you in a relationship with someone you love? The top-ten list of what’s important to me in a relationship…I would say the number one thing is good communication. I’ve learned that the hard way.

7.  What are your hopes for your relationship with the hero? My hope for my marriage is not only that it can survive the years of neglect (we allowed through passivity), but that it will thrive and be a marriage my son can proudly use as an example. However, if it’s not to be, I hope my husband and I choose to put our teenage son first.

8. How do you face disappointments in your life? When disappointments come my way, and trust me, I’ve had more than my share…I remind myself that it could be worse. A dear friend pointed out recently; there are a lot of people facing challenges greater than mine.

9.    What do you want the hero to see in you that he may not see now? I want him to see that the things I do are not intended to hurt him, but to help him.

10.  What is your main goal in life? What do you hope to accomplish? My main goal in life is to love myself (as cliché as that may sound). I believe genuinely loving myself, would impact all my relationships in a healthy way, which is what I want… especially for my son.

11.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be a better listener overall, but particularly in heated conversations. In those instances, I’m often just waiting for an opportunity to “speak my peace” versus trying to understand where the other person is coming from then responding appropriately. 

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Darla and Randall learn how marriage really does take three to make a marriage what God intended it be. Besides the spiritual aspect, what are some other traits or characteristics of a good, solid, happy marriage?

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