Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Interview with Karen

Where Hope Starts 

1.      Karen, how would you describe yourself to others?  Determined. A go getter. If I see something I want or needs to be done I do it. It may take me a bit to come around to a new way of thinking, but once I do I’m all in.

2.      How do you want others to see you? Strong and capable. Invulnerable. At least that’s the image I work to maintain. It’s the safe way to play it with most people. But there is more to me than that. My best friend Megan knows that part of me. She’s seen all my pitfalls and still loves me. That’s what friendship is all about. And of course, now that we’ve worked through so much, (smile) my husband, Barry, seems to love me in spite of my faults as well.

3.      What is the most interesting thing about you? I managed a 5 star restaurant in New York City.

4.      What things are of most importance to you? Faith and family.

5.      What type of man did you want to marry when you were younger? Did you find what you were looking for? I wanted to marry someone who would always listen to me and accept me. Unlike my dad did growing up. And yes, I found him. When I first met him, he was my knight in shining armor. And now that we’ve been through the rough patch you can read about in Where Hope Starts, our relationship is even better. It’s deeper and more solid.

6.      How do you face disappointments in your life? My first response is anger. Then I retreat from whatever is causing that hurt. After a while, I do tend to come around. Ultimately, I want to handle things the way God would have me to. I don’t always nail it, though.

7.      What type of things do you like to do for fun or entertainment? Horseback riding, for sure. I grew up with that. I also like to sit out in a field at night and watch the stars. It’s restful and after a busy day at the B & B, I need some quiet. When I’m hanging out with my friends I really enjoy going to the movies.

8.      Do you have any hobbies or special skills? I like to take pictures, but I’m not professional or anything. I am a great hostess, though. Stop by the Applewood Hill Bed and Breakfast and you’ll see. I try and make people feel at home when they’re away from home. I’ve made some great friends that way.  

9.      What is your main goal in life? What do you hope to accomplish? I want to run the best B&B around, have kids and enjoy my marriage.

10.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (laugh) That’s easy. Be more even tempered. And be quicker to take God at his word.

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Question: What are the most important characteristics in your mind to look for in a husband.

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Virginia Winfield said...

I found a guy who is honest, loyal and willing to compromise. I have been married for almost 28 years.

Virginia Winfield said...

I found a guy that is honest, loyal and is willing to compromise. We have been married for almost 28 years.


Unknown said...

I was married to my late husband for 46 years. He passed 2 years ago. I would only marry a man who puts God in first place in his life and lives His faith and The rest of his values will fall in line including how he treats his wife and family.
I follow and subscribe to your blog.

Angela D. Meyer said...

Martha, Thank you for hosting me on your blog. Virginia and Jackie, sound like you both have great qualities on your list of must haves for a husband! Jackie - after so many years to say goodbye - may the Lord bless you with an abundance of His love and joy!

Melanie Backus said...

If a man puts God first in his life then everything else falls in to place. A good sense of humor, a love f family....that is a good man.

mauback55 at gmail dot com