Thursday, February 13, 2014

Davalynn Spencer, The Cowboy Takes a Wife
Interview with Hero: Caleb Hutton   
1.     How would you describe yourself?
If you’d asked me that three months ago, I would have said “no-account coward.” Now I’m beginning to see what God can do with failure.

2.     So if you think you’re a failure, what is your profession (career, job)? Describe a little about what you do.
I’m good with horses. At least that’s what I tell the Whitakers—Daniel and his daughter, Annie. My dad was a vet and he taught me quite a bit. Right now I’m working at the Cañon City Livery because I couldn’t get on at the Lazy R and I’m not about to pour liquor at the saloon. But Daniel suspects there’s more than I’m tellin’. Could be he’s right.

3.     Now that’s hard to believe. You mention Annie, how did you and she meet?
I saw Annie Whitaker sweeping the boardwalk one evening on my way through town. That sorrel-colored hair of hers and dark eyes got my attention. But I met her the next morning when I stopped in the mercantile and she was serving hot biscuits to folks gathered ‘round the pot-bellied stove.

4.     What was your first impression of Annie?
Fire. The woman is full of fire and doesn’t mind lettin’ it flare. I nearly burned myself to a cinder when I made a fool’s remark about her talents with a broom. Since then, I’ve seen that fire in a different light—a warm light that fills a hearth and heart with comfort.

5.     A pot-bellied stove and fire, well the two do go together. Did you think right away this was a woman you could love? Why or why not?
I thought a lot more about her than I cared to. Even rode off in the opposite direction, but ended up right back on her doorstep, you could say. When I figured out that I wanted to love her, I was afraid she wouldn’t have me. That little gal is plumb full of surprises.

6.     I bet she is from what you say. What are your expectations for a loving relationship?
Unconditional love and faithfulness. Won’t work otherwise.

7.     Those are excellent expectations, but what causes you the most fear about this relationship?
That I’ll have nothing to give her in the way of worldly means.

8.     Sounds like that’s important to you. What else is important to you in life?
Doing what God calls me to and loving Annie Whitaker.

9.     Two excellent things of importance. What do you want Annie to see in you that she may not see now?
I want her to know that I’ll take care of her, protect her, provide for her. Fight for her, if need be.

10.   Good for you. I hope she sees that in you. What are your hopes for the future?
Waking up every morning next to Annie.

Well then, best of luck to you and Annie. God has a way of working things out in the least way we expect. Thanks for stopping in and letting us learn a little more about you. Find out even more in The Cowboy Takes a Wife.

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Virginia Winfield said...

I would love to read this book. Caleb seems interesting

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I think Caleb sounds like a nice guy. Would love to read the book.

Unknown said...

Thank you for featuring the interview with Caleb.
He seems to be the ideal cowboy, dependable, loving faithful and God fearing,supportive and protective! With a few flaws thrown in.
Love your characters !
thank you
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