Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

All over the United States, cities and towns everywhere celebrate Christmas in various ways, but beautiful ways. The River Walk in San Antonio is one such place. Twinkling lights abound all along the river through downtown with decorated barges to transport people, carolers, and dinner parties along the river to view the sights. Trees drip with lights up and down the river as well in other parts of the city. It’s a beautiful sight to see and inspired the stories for the Christmas Anthology, A River Walk Christmas. All four stories involve the River Walk at Christmas time. Authors, Beth Goddard, Lynette Sowell, Martha Rogers, and Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner collaborated to bring the River Walk to life.

Echo Lewis moves to Texas for a fresh start her mistrust of men almost ruins her chances at love. Valerie Murray is in danger of losing her gift shop unless she can open her heart and release old hurts. Gabriela Hernandez must learn to forgive that which she thinks is impossible before love can enter her heart. Sienna Montalvo struggles with her career, but will hosting the star of a new movie about the Alamo be the break she is longing for?

Four young women all learn the true meaning of love in the lights and beauty of San Antonio at Christmas.

Other cities and towns in Texas also celebrate Christmas. You’ll find ice-skating rinks open for business in seventy degree weather, giant Christmas tree lightings, decorations up and down the main streets and out in the suburbs. Homes compete for prizes for best decorated with Christmas themes, and in many neighborhoods, cars line up in a constant stream to drive by and take a look at the spectacular displays of light, sound and animation. Churches present concerts and pageants to tell the story of Jesus’ birth, theaters in larger cities present special Christmas productions.

Yes, Christmas is a time of celebration everywhere. No matter where you live, you’ll find something special at Christmas time.

My favorite thing at Christmas besides family gatherings is the Celebration of Christmas presented by the choir, orchestra, and members of our church. Hundreds of voices blend in the music as the songs, the spirit and the story of Christmas unfolds. I’m always worn out after the last performance, but I love doing it and have not missed a year in the forty or so we’ve been performing and celebrating Christmas.

So what is your favorite thing at Christmas time?
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Anonymous said...

I have A LOT of favorite things during Christmas! The carols, lights, snow, decorated trees, parties, no school, and more! But the best thing is Jesus was born to save us all. :)


Debbie Clark said...

I love the Christmas lights and the nativity scenes in peoples yards. They are so pretty and since I do not go the freeway to and from work, but drive about 35 miles on the backroads, those lights in December cheer me up while I am driving in the dark on the way home. Some people have beauty in simple things and others go way overboard, but they are all beautiful. I live out in the country and there is an open barn about 2 miles from us that they put lights on it and a huge star above. I can just make out the cows standing inside. It reminds me of the original manager in Bethleham.
Thanks for entering me in the contest.
Debbie Clark

Joy Hannabass said...

I love driving through neighborhoods looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. I also love the Manger Scenes and with each one I see, I like to reflect back to that special night when Jesus was born, wondering what it would have been like to be there.

Jo said...

I love to ride around and see how all the houses are decorated. In our area,many people really decorate their houses and yard beautifully outside as well as inside and it is so beautiful to see.

Thanks for entering me in this contest.


Marilyn Turk said...

I love the Christmas lights and how they transform the places they decorate, from the neighbors to the city to my own home, the way Jesus lights up the hearts and lives of His believers. Everything seems so warm, cheerful and welcoming. When they are taken down, everything becomes dark and drab again, like the world without Jesus.

Janice said...

I love the annual "Carols by Candlelight" at at local church. Also, participating in my church's Living Nativity is wonderful. Another thing I have not attended in a number of years that I really liked was "Tuba Christmas" which was a huge gathering of tuba players who played Christmas carols. It was amazing.

Thank you for putting together the Christmas box for one happy person.


misskallie2000 said...

I was in San Antonio in Dec 98 and went down to River Walk which was so georgous with the lights and decorations. I would love to go back again some day and spend more time there.

We have Christmas Parades which all enjoy but I love to go through neighborhoods that have wonderful Christmas Decorations on display. A new one this yr is where the lights and music are syncronized. I also love all Christmas music and start listening in Nov. The music puts me in the spirit for Christmas. So many beautiful songs.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Jackie Layton said...

One of my favorite things at Christmas is the music. I love to go to a Christmas concert, and I love to hear the Christmas songs on the radio.
I enjoyed your blog today!
Jackie Layton

Cynthia A. Lovely said...

I love to see our church fill with visitors for our Christmas Concert. It is a thrill to watch weary faces brighten up in the glow of candlelight with the hope of Christ renewed in their hearts.

Anne Payne said...

Family time! We enjoy all the home-baked goodies while sitting in the LR at night with all the lights out, except the sparkling tree! And hot cocoa adds to the ambiance :)

Unknown said...

My favorite thing at Christmas time is the scents. I love smelling the evergreen, the cookies baking and the snowy scent in the air:)


lollipops said...

I love the christmas music, the lights, everything.

I would love to win t his box.


Glenda Parker Fiction Writer said...

I love all the Christmas music and all the Christmas movies. I have seen a lot of inspirational movies on this year showing the true meaning of Christmas. The whole world is celebrating the birth of my Lord what could be better.
Glenda Parker

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting twice because I have a question; I know I don't get another entry. :) I don't know if it's supposed to be a surprise, but what kind of books are going into the Christmas box? What authors?

Wendy said...

I love spending time with the Grands, making gifts for their parents and Great Grandparents. Making goodies for family, friends, neighbors and pets and giving them out. The Grands putting up their tree and them making a new ornament for it every year. Sharing Christmas Story, Music and Movies with them.

Christina Rich said...

There are too many things I love about Christmas. I love the lights, the smells, the sounds (especially bell ringers). I love the music and the baking. I love putting together a puzzle with dd (tradition) during Christmas. And this year, I'm really appreciating sharing the hope of the season with those who don't know.

christinainspirationals [at] gmail dot com

Martha A. said...

I think I enjoy being with family most of all! I hate the business, but being with family is really neat and I appreciate them more every year!