Thursday, October 04, 2007

Crimson Eve

I just read Crimson Eve, and it's another winner.
Fasten your seat belts for another great ride with Brandilyn Collins in Crimson Eve. From the first moment when Carla Radling realizes her life is in danger from the secrets of her past to the moment of conclusion, you are caught up in the intricacies only Brandilyn can devise. With Carla on the run, her friends in Kanner Lake seek to find her and help her escape whatever it is that is driving her away from them. The closer you think you are to the truth, the more twists are thrown in to drive you off track. How it all comes together makes for a truly satisfying ending, but do expect a few dead bodies along the way. Fast paced action and characters give this novel all the ingredients for a wild, but satisfying journey back to Kanner Lake.

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