Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bygones by Kim Sawyer

In her first book in the Summerfield Trilogy, Bygones, Kim gives us a powerful story of faith, family, and love. She introduces us to the Mennonite community from which Marie ran away over twenty years before with her non-Mennonite husband, Jep. When Henry Braun, her first love, appears after all those years and tells her of the death of her beloved Aunt Lisbeth, Marie learns that her daughter Beth is the sole beneficiary of her aunt’s will. Now Marie must return to the community with Beth, live there for three months, and run the cafĂ© owned by Lisbeth before Beth can claim her inheritance. As Marie reconnects not only with the community and Henry, she examines her life and tries to restore a relationship with her family. When thefts occur in the community, the first suspects are Marie and Beth. As Marie unravels the mystery, her family and friends are divided in their beliefs about who is behind the crimes. In Bygones Kim has created wonderful characters who grip your heart and keep you turning the page to see how the problems are resolved. It’s a compelling story of one woman’s journey into the past to rediscover her future.


Anonymous said...

I love stories about the Mennonites, and I've been anxious to read one of Kim's novels. I hope I can win this one.
Bonnie Engstrom

Jess said...

This sounds really good. Pick me, pick me! :-)

Janna said...

I've just started getting into Beverly Lewis with The Postcard and The Crossroad so I'm thinking I might really enjoy Kim's book about the Mennonites! Janna Ryan

Susan Page Davis said...

Kim is a wonderful lady and a terrific writer! I would love to have this book.

Anonymous said...

Bygones contains two elements I look for in books, a good mystery and learning something I didn't know before. Since I have had little exposure to the Mennonite community, discovering things about their life style along with trying to solve the mystery sounds like a great read!
Laurie Kilzer

scaramouche9999 said...

Sign me up for the drawing please. I've heard of author many times, but I've never had a chance to any of the work yet. Thanks Martha!!
Donald James Parker

lilosmom said...


I would love to be included in the drawing for this book. I'm excited to see so many great Christian authors on the market and I'm trying to 'meet' them all through their books (a life time quest).


Anonymous said...

Hello! Please sign me up for the drawing. I appreciate it.

Wanda Shadle said...

I would like to read Kim Sawyer's Bygones, because I have always been interested in the Mennonites and don't know that much about them. The story summary also appeals to me, because I never like to have anyone falsely accused of something they didn't do. I always enjoy finding them innocent. Thanks!

In His Love,
Wanda Shadle

Wanda Shadle said...

I would like to read Janice Thompson's Gone With the Groom, because I always enjoy Janice's novels. I enjoy a good mystery and I especially love dogs, and I would like to see how Sasha helps Annie resolve the mystery. Thanks!

In His Love,
Wanda Shadle

ForstRose said...

I've enjoyed Beverly Lewis' books for years and woyuld love to read something featuring Mennonite characters as well. I've learned so much about other belief systems and cultures from the Amish characters in Beverly Lewis' books as well as other auhtors who feature other characters from different backgrounds. I'd love tp learn more about the Mennonites as well. Please enter me for this book. forest_rose[at]yahoo[dot]com

Melissa Meeks

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a copy of this book! It sounds good and I love to read, thanks!