Friday, September 08, 2006

Review: When the Heart Cries

Cindy Woodsmall’s debut novel is a beautiful but heartbreaking novel of what happens when evil attacks. From the first chapter when Hannah’s hopes for a bright future with her beloved Paul are dashed against the rocks of despair to the ultimate choice at the end, the reader is caught up in Hannah’s plight and what she must do to find happiness and peace again in her life. As the daughter of an Amish family, she has been loved and protected for all of her seventeen years. Then in one brief encounter, all that is wiped away and the things which Hannah has held dear all of her life become great question marks for her future. Cindy’s words of description, dialogue, and emotion take the readers on a journey they will never forget and will leave them waiting anxiously for the next in the series of Sisters of the Quilt. This is a must read.

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