Friday, September 08, 2006

Review for Reluctant Burglar

Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s novel, The Reluctant Burglar, is a fast paced, tightly written mystery that will intrigue the reader from the first little masquerade to the final disclosure of the true thief. Desiree Jacobs is a character you will come to love as she uses all her wiles and tricks as a security expert to uncover the truth. The clues lead in directions she doesn’t want to go, but her search for truth pulls her anyway. Not even able to trust her best friend or her growing feelings for FBI agent Tony, Desiree finds herself in a situation after situation that tests everything she has ever learned. Was her father a thief? Is her best friend actually her worst enemy? Does Tony return her feelings for him? Read about these and other escapades as Desiree doesn’t wait on help from authorities, but takes matters in her own hands and almost winds up a victim herself. It’s all here, romance, intrigue, comedy, high-stakes thrills, stirring mystery, and fast-moving action. Don’t miss it.

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