Saturday, July 08, 2006

Review for A Thousand Tomorrows

I just finished Karen Kingsbury's book, A Thousand Tomorrows and must recommend it to everyone. If you cry easily when a story gets emotional, have your tissues ready as this one is a tear-jerker in the way of Love Story. Ali and Gunner will live in your heart long after you read the last words. Karen gives us real characters undergoing a very real difficulties. Seeing Gunner's hatred evolve and then diminsh as Ali shows him how to love is magnificent. Karen paints them in such a way that you see them in every action, feel their every pain, shout for the their victories, and rejoice in their love, then cry in their beautiful hope for the future. Karen gives us two disabilities in Carl Joseph's Down Syndrome, and Ali's cystic fibrosis, and shows how God works each one. You won't be able to put this one down.

One of the reasons this book touched a chord with me is that our grandson has cystic fibrosis. The hardships Karen describe for Ali are the same ones we see in Robert Mikell. Ali has a lung transplant, and our boy had a liver transplant. This is a disease that attacks all organs of the body, some more profoundly than others. Robert Mikell's parents face the same hard questions with him as Ali's faced. Whether he has A Thousand Tomorrows or ten thousand, we know he is in God's hands.

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