Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This and That

I've been reading some great books lately. Brandilyn Collins takes the reader on a wild ride down many roads before finding the right path to the killer in Web of Lies. After many twists and turns, the story climaxes in a frantic rush to save an innocent person. When Annie Kingston and Chelsea Adams meet, you know things will happen, and not always good. I've read everyone of Brandilyn's books and eagerly anticipate the arrival of each one. I love scary stories, but make sure I don't read them if I'm alone in the house. If you haven't already read it, make haste to do so. You won't be sorry. Uh, just pretend the spiders arent there.

Another book I thoroughly enjoyed was Paper Moon. Linda Windsor has such a penchant for humor that you find yourself laughing out loud at the antics of Mrs. C, Annie, Karen, and Blaine. As a retired teacher, I can so relate to the situations Linda conceives for her characters. I chaperoned many a senior trip, and this delightful tale brought back wonderful memories of those excursions. This is a great read to take your mind off what ails you.

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