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Christmas Crafts for Young and Old

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Christmas crafts are fun to make with your children or for yourself. Simple ornaments and even more detailed ones can be made in a afternoon of fun with your children or just because. You don't have to be "artsy-craftsy" to enjoy making these ornaments. The ones pictured were made by me and my three boys at various ages. We had fun doing them and I still use them on the tree because they bring back happy memories. I did the sewing and they did a lot of the gluing and some cutting as they started school. Planning an afternoon to make ornaments or other decorations can be a most rewarding time with your children or grandchildren.

Pictured from top center and clockwise:
Spool Thread Drum (made by a 6 year old.)
Felt Scrap Snowman
Christmas Fabric mini-stocking for candy or cookies
Styro-foam and felt stocking (Made by a 7 year old)
Six diamond point star
Two mini-clothespin angels
Three mini clothespin reindeer

Drum Supplies: Empty Thread spool, grosgrain ribbon, felt scraps, braid trim, gold cord and glue.
The drum is an empty thread spool wrapped with a piece of grosgrain ribbon and trimmed with a braid trim. Felt circles complete the ends and a gold cord glued to the top for hanging.

Snow Man Supplies: One large white felt square, felt scraps, sequins, seed beads and paint or embroidery thread in colors for the face.
The snowman is made from piece of white felt with two cutouts of a snowman. The scarf, hands, buttons and hat with trim are scrap pieces cut in any color you might have. The hands and buttons are sewn by hand onto one piece of felt. The face may be embroidered or painted on. The hat is cut from a scrap of black felt. A red band and a felt holly leaf or then sewn on with matching sequins and beads then sew it by hand to the head. The snowman's body is outlined with silver sequins and beds. The two pieces are then sewn together by hand with an opening left in the bottom for stuffing. After stuffing, sew the opening closed. The red scarf is a long piece of red felt decorated with red sequins and beads then sewn around the neck by hand. Cut slits in the ends to form fringe.

Stocking Supplies: Christmas fabric, solid red or green felt, gold rick rack, three inch strip of felt
Draw a 8" and a 8 1/2" stocking pattern on paper then cut out a front in the Christmas fabric using 8 1/2 pattern then cut out the felt back with the 8" one. Turn edge of Christmas fabric down 1/2 inch and sew on rick-rack trim by hand or machine. Sew the two pieces right sides together and turn. Press to make edges flat. Hand sew the strip of felt to the top of the stocking to make a hanger. The hanger can be omitted if you don't want to use it on the tree.

Mini Wreath Supplies: Mini-wreath, narrow red and green ribbon, miniature ornaments, glue gun and sticks.
Wrap the wreath with the ribbon in the two colors as shown. Glue on miniature ornaments. Glue on bow made of the ribbon then loop a piece of ribbon and glue it to back of wreath for hanger.

Styro-foam Stocking Supplies: Foam paper plate, felt, gold cord, gold braid or fringe trim, sequins and glue.
Draw a stocking outline on the foam plate then cut out. Use the foam for the pattern to cut out the felt, one piece red and and a smaller white piece for the cuff. Glue onto the foam. Glue on the trims as shown then glue on the sequins in a random pattern or a set pattern.

Six Point Diamond Star Supplies:
Christmas fabric, red or green solid fabric, iron on interfacing. thread, red or green extra narrow ribbon for hanging
Cut six diamonds from Christmas fabric. Sew bottom halves of diamonds by machine as shown. Using sewn star as a pattern, cut out the interfacing and the back. Iron interfacing onto the diamond pattern piece. Cut ribbon to desired length then sew the two stars right sides together with the ribbon sewn to one point. Leave one star point open for turning. Press star flat then hand sew the opening.

Clothespin ornaments supplies: Mini clothespins, cardboard, cotton, pom-poms, paint, gold cord, ribbon and fabric scraps.
For Angel, paint one clothes pin white for wings, then paint the other one pink or blue or any desired color. Using a magic marker draw in any detail. Paint face pink then draw in mouth and eyes with felt tip marker. Glue the two clothes pins together at the round ends leaving the prongs at either end for wings. Glue on yellow fuzz or cotton for air. Glue cord to back for hanger then glue the figure onto an oval shaped piece of white card board. Glue cotton clouds around angel.
For Reindeer glue two mini pins side by side as shown then glue third one sideways and upside down for head and antlers. Use black magic marker to color feet and antlers. Eyes may be drawn on or the small beaded eyes from a craft store may be used. Cut felt scraps into a design for the back of the reindeer and trim with gold cord. Glue gold cord in a loop to the back of the reindeer. Then glue on pom poms for nose and tail.

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Amy C said...

My daughter and I have been making pine cone ornaments. We go out in the woods and look for pine cones. Then we decorate them with white paint and glitter. She loves it.
campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Nancy Kimball said...

I like the Snowman best! It's SOOOOOO pretty. =)

Stacey said...

Hi Martha,

Please enter me, too. :)


Judy said...

When the kids were little we use to paint ornaments to hang on the tree. We also use to make a Santa Claus castle every year. That takes a lot of work but it sure was fun! I miss those times when the kids were little!

Thank you for sharing about making Christmas crafts. I do wish my grandchildren lived closer so we could make some of these craft items together!

Judy B.