Thursday, August 14, 2008

Murder on the Old Bunions

What a fun read. LaTisha Barnhart discovers the body of book shop owner, Marion Peters behind a counter and in a pool of blood. Thus begins the merry adventures of LaTisha and her husband, Hardy. This empty-nest mother of seven is taking a course in Forensic Medicine and decides to do a little investigating into the murder on her own, especially when she becomes a suspect. You’ll laugh at the way she manages to get information from officials on the case until she finds herself smack dab in the middle as part of the investigation team. Your mouth will water at all the foods LaTisha cooks in order to think and get things straight in her mind. You’ll thoroughly enjoy all the twists and turns that get you to the end, and “who dunnit”. You don't want to miss this cozy mystery.

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Doreen said...

Ohhh love a good mystery!!! :) purposedrivenlife4you(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

sounds like a fun read!

cathikin said...

Sounds a bit odd to speak of "merry adventures" right after "a pool of blood." but it does sound like a book I would enjoy. Please count me in!
chassan2 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy a good cozy mystery. And this sounds like it will be.



Becky C. said...

This sounds like afun mystery. I love cozies!

Please enter me in the contest.

Becky C.

Nora said...

This sounds interesting. Please put my name in the hat.


Jo said...

I love a good mystery and this sounds interesting. Please enter me in the drawing.


Virginia Smith said...

Sounds like a fun book!

Donna said...

I love cozy mysteries! Please enter me in the drawing!



Anonymous said...

Interesting is what I find on the bottom of my shoe after a visit to the barnyard. Murder on the Ol' Bunions is more than interesting, honey, it's life, pure and simple. MY life. When Hardy and me found Marion deader than dead, it changed me forever. Course, I didn't think I'd wind up being a suspect in the whole thing, but I did, and Hardy's big trap got me there. I've forgiven him though, lots of time on my knees got me there, plus God reminded me real good that Hardy's my gift. A gift I shouldn't be tempted to take back for a refund. Too much of that going on these days anyhow. Just can't starting new; took me too long to train Hardy. Thirty-eight years, to be exact.

Anyhow, you guys and gals need to run to your nearest bookstore and request this book--my first adventure into the world of murder. S. Dionne did a pretty good job writing it, though I suspect she got tired of me poking my head over her shoulder every other word.

Oh, and that's a police science degree, not forensic medicine, Martha. Sorry about that. Had to put aside my college for a while since Momma's stroke, but I'll get back to it soon as she's settled into Bridgeton Towers Assisted Living and Nursing. She's wanting to get back to an apartment of her own.

Well, I better make tracks, Hardy's got his nose in the air, which means it must be lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are ready for a wild ride. Murder on the Ol' Bunions, written by my friend S. Dionne, is the story of me and Hardy's journey into murder. Imagine finding a dead body. . . course every body is dead, haven't seen a live body yet. . .Anyways, back to the story. Finding Marion was only the beginning, Hardy opened his big trap to the Chief of police and got him looking my way as a suspect! I can tell you it took a lot of time on my knees trying to forgive him for that one, but the Good Lord reminded me that Hardy is my gift. (I wrestled a bit over the "gift" part, thinking more along the lines of a thorn, but then that boy does something that makes my heart melt, like calling me downstairs to play a tune he wrote about how he feels when I make him an apple pie. . .course, there was that time he wrote one about the sound I make coming down the steps. . .March of the Elephantess he called it. . . )

Ah, he just walked into the kitchen, nose twitching, which means it must be lunchtime. . .

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to read that book! Please, please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please,please, please, pretty please enter me in the drawing! Thanks!

God bless ya!

liatheddrfreak (at) gmail (dot) com

Pamela J said...

A funny mystery? WOW, that sounds great. I guess I think I think clearer when I have eaten, I can see why she would think it works that way. Might be interested in trying some of LaTisha's foods to see if they work for me too...
Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com