Monday, July 14, 2008

Promises, Promises

In her first book, Promises, Promises, Amber Miller has shown us what it means to keep one’s word despite the difficulties that may be faced in doing so. Raelene Strattford has faith in God’s promise never to leave her or forsake her, but with both parents dead, she finds believing it almost impossible. Why would God forsake her at such a time? Gustaf Hannssen believes in keeping the promise he made to Raelene’s dying father, but finds keeping that promise difficult when the young lady scorns his attempts and places obstacles in his way that try his patience.
The harder he tries to keep his promise to find her a husband and oversee her affairs, the more difficult it becomes, especially as he finds himself drawn to her in ways he hadn’t planned. Gustaf’s attempt to break through Raelene’s self-centered existence to her wounded heart makes a beautiful tale of perseverance in love and keeping one’s promise.

Be sure to look for Amber's second book in this series:
Quills & Promises
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
Release date: July 2008 through Heartsong Presents
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Delaware Brides, book 2
ISBN: 9781602600492
Ordering link:

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