Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Wedding Caper Review

Janice Thompson has created a wealth of unusual and lovable characters in her newest novel, The Wedding Caper. When her husband seems to be the prime suspect in the disappearance of $25,000 from the Clark County Savings and Loan, Annie Peterson becomes an amateur sleuth to uncover the real culprit. With twin daughters, Brandi and Candy, both planning weddings, Warren’s gift of the same amount as the heist, Annie starts on her quest to find the truth. The suspects range from a somber faced bank loan officer to new security guard with a shady past. Annie chases down clues in finding who did steal the money by means of an on-line course in private investigating. Along with her best friend, Sheila, and her faithful pooch, Sasha, the reader will follow Annie to an unusual, but most satisfying end.


Anonymous said...

The Wedding Caper sounds like it would be a happy and humorous novel. I look forward to reading it. I like the way the twins are named and that both of them are having a wedding. Marriana Martinez

Anonymous said...

Please put my name in for the drawing for the book, The Wedding Caper. I couldn't see anywhere else to sign up for it. Thanks!

Wanda Shadle

David Cristwell said...

That sounds interesting. I've been working on my own prject, and need to re-focus my attention elsewhere for a while.

Put my name in the hat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha
Please enter me for the drawing if it is open to those of us who live in South Africa. You have piqued my curiosity- I'd love to know what the unusual ending is!

Thanks and God bless
Ruth Dell

Kristy Dykes said...

Hi, Martha. Nice blog! Congrats on your anniversary.

Cheryl Shaw said...

Hi Martha, I linked over here from your post on ACFW.

The Wedding Caper looks fun. I saw it awhile ago in CBD and put it in my wishlist. I'd like to be entered in your drawing.

And it is worth the trouble...but this is a terrible time for draining people to empty. But it is a great time to step back from the stress of writing for sales and just focus on God and the gift He gave us. He has a plan for your, drawn up with care by the master architect.