Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dallas Here We Come

I'm getting excited about our upcoming conference in Dallas. It is one of the most fun weeks of all the year for me. So many wonderful memories are bound together in the past conferences. I've been to everyone of them and each one gets more interesting, beneficicial, and fun than the last one. The conference is a time to make connections. Connections with old friends, new friends, authors you've read, authors you want to read after meeting them, editors who turn out to be human just like you, agents who encourage you to pursue your dream, and prayer partners who lift you up in prayer.

The workshops are great. Look at our wonderful faculty this year and you will see something for every writer whether just beginning or a best seller. Liz Curtis Higgs will be sharing her heart with us and she will inspire and encourage us with her own experiences and insight into the world of writing.

Of course we can't forget the chocolate party either. Chocolate lovers unite and go a little wacky for an hour or two one night. Funny the people you can meet and what you can learn at a chocolate party.

Friendships made at the conference can last a lifetime. Even though we may actually see each other only once a year, the friendships grow through cyberspace.

ACFW conference replaced Mount Hermon as my "must attend" conference, and I haven't regretted it one bit. Check out my earlier blog about editor/agent appointments.

Get all the details at www.americanchristianfictionwriters.com/conference/

Make plans to go. You won't be sorry. I'll be posting some of my memories from the conference in the coming weeks.

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