Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Review for Rekindled

Tamara Alexander’s debut novel, Rekindled, is a love story in the true sense of the word. From the moment the reader meets Kathy and Larson to the end of the story, Tamara grips the heart and won’t let go. We agonize with Kathy as she learns her husband died in a great snow storm, and then we feel Larson’s pain as he heals from horrific wounds and finds that everyone believes him to be dead. Riding a roller coaster of emotion, the reader experiences the despair, the fear, the courage, and hope of Kathy and Larson. Secondary characters are unforgettable. From couple who save Larson to the helpless girl Kathy wants to save, Tamara creates men and women who live long after the book is finished. Rekindled tells not only a story of undying love of a man for a woman, but also God’s never ending love for His children.

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